In the fall of 2010 I visited Ireland together with my parents. We rented a car and traveled from Dublin across the island to Sligo and then along the west coast back to Dublin. On this incredible and beautiful trip I took over 800 pictures and they inspired me to mount this exhibition based on my favorite pictures. I’ve used acrylic paint in all of the paintings; this paint is special in the sense that it has a very strong covering power. This doesn’t make it any easier to render the Irish landscapes in a way that was true-to-life.

I had the chance in November to mount an exhibition in the city of Bern.

A big thank you goes to all those who helped me to realize this project and came to the exhibition.


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Roger Ischi





This river was the first I took a picture of and also the first painting I did. The picture was taken from Palmerston Bridge over the Cloonaghmore River.

Way to the sea

This picture shows the beauty of the endlessness of the sea. This picture was taken close to Céide Filds. It’s a wonderful area and shows the typical green fields of Ireland.

Proud Ruin

On our journey we passed by this ruin. The roof was missing, but it seemed right somehow seemed. These are the ruins of Ballycroy Church.

The Timber pile

In my opinion this is one of my best pictures. It doesn’t show anything spectacular, but has a natural simplicity. The picture was taken not far away from   Mallaranny, near the crossing to Achill Island.

View of the beach

Here we went for a walk on the Silver Strand beach. This beach is on Achill Island. It shows very well that Ireland has more to offer than cliffs, namely beautiful beaches.


Fence on the Beach

When I took this picture the light was perfect and gave great shadows in front of the fence. It was also taken on Achill Island near Keel.

The Port

Here we’re at Westport Quay. Besides us they had just lifted a boat out of the river and loaded it on to a trailer.

Lonely road

This view gave the feeling that this street led into no-man’s-land. This is the view inside the national park of Connemara before Doo Lough. A lonely road in the countryside.

Rowing boat

When we visited Kylemore Abbey in County Galway, I took this picture in the park that surrounds the beautiful Abbey. The rowing boat looks almost lonely, abandoned.


When taking this picture the light was once again just perfect. With the change of sunlight a picture can completely change within minutes in Ireland. It was taken at Black Head in County Clare.

Cliffs 2.0

This picture shows a unique view of the Cliffs of Moher. They are typical of the coast of Ireland. It is a magical place and is the place that I liked most during this trip to Ireland.

The Wave

There is a funny story that goes with this picture taken at Dingle Peninsula in Kerry Country: A coach with tourists has just arrived. Unfortunately the next coach with more tourists was just behind them so the bus couldn’t stop to let the people out but had to drive on. So the first coachload of tourists missed this unique bay.

Vision into the distance

Shortly before our departure for the last part of our trip I took this picture over Slea Head (Dingle Peninsula). A play of light between Sea and Land.